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Re: OT: Linux for desktop

sujit sugathan wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Everyone in the linux community is trying hard to make linux more user
> friendly and functional as a desktop version. I've tried many linux
> versions-- either in live cd format or bootable format --- and found
> many to be strict competitors to WindowsXP in the terms of
> functionality.The likes of Linspire and Mandriva are some of the
> common names which come to a user's mind when thinking about linux in
> a desktop version. But there's one distribution that beats all the
> rest in terms of multimedia features and user friendly interface and
> that is the not so well known  PCLinuXOS . I have tried this distro
> and  I have found it to be very user friendly. the multimedia tools
> that are bundled with it are more than anyone can ask for. So I ask
> everyone to give it a try and tell me what you think of the new
> version of the PCLinuxOS that's been released(I don't exactly remember
> the version name). I don't know about you all but I think I'll
> recommend this distro of Linux to any newbie to linux.
> Please do try it out and tell me about your experience.
> -- 
> sujit 

People here are on this mailing list because they are open for new
developments. And certainly you may ask them to have look at PCLinuxOS.
Claiming it "beats all the rest in terms of multimedia features and user
friendly interface" is bad style and not true. I've downloaded it,
burned the CD, checked the md5sum and booted this distro:


      no choice or help key offered to pick the right keyboard layout
      (US layout is wrong for the overwhelming majority of users)


      Screen resolution is set to low (too bad for an TFT) and the
      resolution setup utility included does not allow to have more than


      The live CD is not ejected during reboot. End users who were lucky
      enough to figure out who to make their PC boot from CD get stuck
      in an indefinite loop rebooting into PCLinuxOS all the time.

This is just my bug list after a 60'' test. I test distros
professionally. And I can tell you this distro is behind well behind
after at least the following distros in terms of user friendliness:
Kanotix, Knoppix, Novell/SUSE, Mandrake, Fedora.

And believe me I do not even want to look at the multimedia features
with a wrong keyboard setup and wrong screen resolution.


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