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Re: Mozilla Suite vs. Firefox

Arthur Pemberton wrote:
Mozillas settings are far worse, a whole lot of things spread about all
over the place.

That may be so, but I prefer them to the setup of Firefox. I am
learning in this thread that I am not alone.

I used Mozilla until a few weeks ago. I tried FF with the Tab Mix Plus Extension and I won't look back at Mozilla. At least is a page decides to crash my browser, it doesn't take Thunderbird down. Less crashes in FF as well.

With a couple of tweaks to about:config, FF is much faster as well.

I do agree with many of the posters, the configuration settings should be clearer. I miss the cookie manager in the Tools menu most of all.

As with using any tool, it takes some time to adapt. I am very happy with FF. :)

The best that could happen is for FF/TB and Mozilla to work towards the same code base. There are good things in both.

Robin Laing

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