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Re: can't boot FC5 (grub)

If you boot on rescue mode you need to mount the /boot partition somewhere let's call it /mnt/tmp1
and then give

grub-install --root-directory=/mnt/tmp1 /dev/hda#

where # is the number of the partition you want grub to install at the boot sector.

On 5/5/06, yordy <ymedians yahoo es> wrote:

Yesterday I repartitioning my HD, install win xp and
FC5 in the same HD, first I install winxp and then
FC5, when finish installing FC5 and restart, grub
don't run at startup, and always win xp boot. I had
installed grub with default anaconda options, then, I
think that it's installed in /dev/hda (MBR). I boot
with FC5 installation CD 1 and start with linux rescue
option trying to install grup again, but, when i run
grup-install it say stage1 not read correctly.

Finally, I can't make grub to run, and I can't start
FC5.  Why it's happen and how I can fix it.

Partition table

partition 1: win xp installation - primary 15 GB
partition 2: /boot - primary 100 MB
partition 3: extended (10 GB NTFS, 3.2 GB /home, 3 GB
/var, 800 MB swap, 5 GB /)


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