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Re: A FC6 suggestion.

On Fri, 2006-05-05 at 13:56, Mauriat Miranda wrote:

> > > I question if this necessary. You can have entries in fstab with or
> > > without labels. I've had 3 single Fedora installations on single drive
> > > across multiple partitions and never have run into a problem in the
> > > installer or usage nor have I had to manually edit fstab for this. I
> > > think in Anaconda the labels will start shifting to /1, /2, /home1
> > > etc. Since at runtime you don't deal with partition labels, just their
> > > mount points, it really is not a serious concern.
> >
> > Assume you are in the IT dept for some group and you are used
> > to being able to re-use disks in different machines and to
> > recover data from any disk by installing/mounting in any working
> > machine.  Now you find that any combination of disks from
> > default fedora/RH/Centos installs won't boot...  It is a
> > problem.
> So you boot with a LiveCD or some Rescue disk/media and fix it - use
> the device ID or relabel it. Isn't that the way to fix it? I don't
> understand the problem. Your assumed scenario is too vague.

My assumed scenario is that you move two disks with fedora
already installed into the same machine for any number of
reasons.  I move disks around all the time so the situation
is not at all unusual.  But if you need help imagining why
this would happen, assume that one of the computers breaks and
you want to salvage the contents of the disk by adding it
to your own PC.  Or you just want to re-format and re-use the
disk as an added filesystem.

Yes, you can work around the problem with quite a lot of
extra trouble, assuming you understand what the problem
is in the first place.  Now remind me why I want to have
this extra trouble in the first place.  Why should a machine
refuse to boot just because you add an extra drive?

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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