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Re: Problem Installing Core 5

I was going to start a new thread, but my problem is similar. Hardware is a dual core AMD 64, gigabyte ga-k8n ultra-9, gigabyte ATi x800XL, 4 seagate 300Gbyte drives. I set up RAID 0+1. I'm using the FC-5-x86_64-DVD iso. The media check was fine.

Things go by on the screen quite quickly, but I did see both the sata_sil and sata_nv raid drivers load. The installer finds and correctly identifies my video card. 

I've done the installation both with text and X. The result are similar. With X, you get a screen and a cursor. With text, you get a solid blue screen. 

I think the hardware is OK. I installed both SUSE and Gentoo on it, but can't figure out how to get the raid driver installed. I googled a bit and found Fedora has the driver built in.

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