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Re: Chinese fonts in FC5

On Sat, 2006-05-06 at 11:12 +0800, Ed Greshko wrote:

> Can't say that I've seen the problem using Gnome and Gnome Apps.
> However, you can first try:
> yum groupinstall chinese-support
> if you continue to have issues, then can you give more specifics?  That
> is the application where you are seeing the problem as well as the
> missing characters.

I su into root, and typed "yum groupinstall chinese-support",it updated
about 10 packages,mostly related to openoffice-** and two fonts
packages. and completed ok.

but the problem still exists. it seems not related to any particluar
apps. anywhere I can activate the IME(智能拼音),I have the same font

e.g, when I type "zhong",the first 9 characters“中种重终众钟忠衷肿“,the
2nd 9 characters”仲種終锺眾盅踵冢忪“the 3rd“鐘腫鍾塚妐蹱緟舯螽”
and the fourth “妕媑尰幒彸堹狆㲴䱰",so you see in the fourth set, the
first and 4th and some other display a rectangular square with code like

now, I found that why from the second set  characters, it is displayed
with traditional Chinese characters (with some duplications with first
set.), something wrong here. maybe it because I installed both
Simplified and Traditional?



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