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Re: Linux for video professionals

Claude Jones wrote:
> I post the following query from a professional television producers list I 
> belong to - it speaks for itself:
> "why can't a mobile fire wire hard drive work as my storage unit for my video 
> camera, you need to buy that expensive external hardrive backup @$1500 for 
> 40/80 gigs. Isn't there someway of running a pre installed linux program on 
> the mobile firewire and save my video automatically, I'm not looking for all 
> the bells and whisles, maybe just independant folders every time I hit the 
> record button.
> Any linux, software gurus, help out."
> Any takers? Ideas? 

I have developed my own solution for professional video backup: It can't
be firewire, since I have no idea how to boot a system from firewire. My
video system contains a USB 2.0 port, my external USB drive (250G) holds
a linux system. You connect it to the video system, boot the external
drive, (auto)mount whatever partitions you like and then you make your

If the video system is neither Intel/AMD nor PPC architecture, my
solution is most likely not going to work. Also not if the video system
cannot boot from an USB disk.


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