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Re: [FC5] Chinese fonts

On 5/6/06, M.Lewis <cajun cajuninc com> wrote:

Ed Greshko wrote:
> M.Lewis wrote:
>>> Did you "yum groupinstall chinese-support"?
>> No, I did not. Will that allow the Chinese characters to be displayed
>> (even though I can't read them)?
> Yes, it will.
>> What else might this effect ?
> It will have a profound influence on your life.  You will now be able to
> install the "Translate" plugin for firefox allowing you to highlight
> text and translate using babelfish.
> Ed

Thanks much Michael and Ed. That is just what I need, a 'profound
influence on my life'. I will install the chinese-support right away! :-)

No... Just point to a flash animation and then click the right button
on the mouse, a flash config menu should be display when u are in
Chinese Environment . All fonts becomes characters not chinese fonts.
I can't found which font it called and can't fix because it hasn't any
file...just xpt and so file...

By the way, I got a fix method on java display and do you needed ?

Wong Kwok Hon

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