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Re: The new kernel 2.6.16-1.2111 - nice

And another problem, not really related to 2111. I'd rebooted to 2096, and installed fglrx and yumex. fglrx was a BIG mistake as it locked the machine, requiring a power switch reboot 6 or 7 times before I got rid of enough of it, and had hand edited xorg.conf to restore. system-config-display wrecks it every time.

Now I've also removed the synaptics drivers, trying to get rid of the crazy effects it can do when typing and your hand or a finger gets within an inch of this damned touchpad and all of a sudden your curser has moved to someplace else on the screen. But even after rebooting again after removal of the drivers, I still have a touchpad, but now it complains about synch losses.

Do I have to make the dealer disconnect it to get rid of it?

And I apologize for the loss of apparent threading in this message, between thunderbird and this $# ^& touchpad, its very difficult to format the message like it should be, and becomes much easier to just delete the previous contents. I sure wish I could make kmail work again.

Cheers, Gene

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