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Re: How is possible to install gutenprint over gimp-print on fedora core 5

Ambrogio wrote:
Hi all,

I'm tryng to use an Epson Stylus DX4800 but CUPS don't have the model

So I searched on internet and fedora list, and I found that gimp-print
is very old and now is available the release candidate for gutenprint.

I don't know if is possible to install it at the same time of
I tried yum remove gimp-print* but it unistall also gimp that is

I would like to leave gimp installed.

Someone is using gutenprint?

Can someone help me?

Tnx a lot

I've been using gutenprint on an FC2 box at home since way before it was even an rc candidate.

Just build the tarball, with the right options to ./configure, and install it, Then both its drivers and the gimp-print drivers will appear in the configure screens available at http://localhost:631, which is the only place to do that IMNSHO.

Also, if you'd like to keep the rpm database uptodate, use checkinstall to do the install, but you'll need to edit its config file somewhat to make it 100% rpm compliant as it comes capable of dealing with apt-get and one or two other packaging systems.

gutenprint's drivers for my old epson c82 are good enough that I've sold its photo output several times.

Cheers, Gene

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