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Re: newbie question about repos

thanks a lot for all your answers - I'm learning all the time :o)

So now I have disabled all repos named testing, but what about repos
named for instance: "extras-source" or "livna-source"?

These are my checked repos:

- core
- dries
- extras
- freshrpms
- livna
- macromedia
- updates

which one would you exclude and which ones do I miss?
My goal is having my system being bleeding-edge, and I don't mind a few
things being a bit buggy - but I wouldn't like having to reinstall my
whole system too often.

Sorry if I am being unclear with something, and thanks again for taking
time out to help a newbie.

On another note: I recently came from Ubuntu, and while I liked the
distro and liked the idea behind it I found it lacking in some areas.
And I actually feel like FC5 is less likely to crash - meybe it's
because of my hardware, I dunno - but I like it so far :o)

And the forums/mail lists are actually - it seems - a bit more open
minded and friendly. 

Nuff rambling :oD


lør, 06 05 2006 kl. 04:39 -0500, skrev Arthur Pemberton:
> On 5/6/06, Morten Gerdsen <morten unschooling dk> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I've recently installed FC5 for the first time, so I'm sorry if this is
> > a stupid question:
> No question is stupid here if you are honest about it and take your
> time to pose it.
> > In my Yum repo list I can see a lot of repos that are
> > not being used by my Yum, such as "core-source", "extras-development",
> > "legacy testing" etc etc.
> >
> > Am I right in assuming that some of these are beta-versions of new
> > packages, and would it be a mistake to use them?
> >
> You are very rigth about them being beta. But to be more correct, and
> as you hinted at, they are betas of the packages, not necessarily the
> software being packaged. So it is quite possible to have a beta
> package of a beta application.
> You aren't really _mistaken_ to use them. However, you should only use
> them if you know what you are doing, know what you need exactly, or
> are a tester for Fedora.
> For example: you really need a pacakge, but it is still in
> fedora-testing - in that case you would install from there.
> But simply put, don't use it if you don't know what you are going to
> get from it.
> > I realize that some might be unstable, but couldn't I just uninstall the
> > new versions and reinstall the old ones if something was too buggy?
> >
> > I guess I am asking: which repos should I use if I want to stay
> > "bleeding edge", and which one should I avoid under all circumstances?
> >
> > thanks!
> > Morten
> >
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