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Re: newbie question about repos

Morten Gerdsen wrote:
> Okay, 
> thanks for the advice, Arthur and Temlakos.
> I will leave the other 3rd party repos unchecked.
> But what about repos like "xxx-debuginfo", "xxx-development" and
> "xxx-source". Are these also only for testing and developing, or do I
> need some of them? What are they? (Just trying to understand what I'm
> doing)
> thanks again!
> Morten
The "xxx-source" is where you can get the source RPMs that were used
to build the "xxx" RPMs. You normaly do not need them, unless you
want to change the options used to build the RPM, and build your
own. As a newbie, you probably don't want to do that yet. I have not
looked into "xxx-debuginfo" or "xxx-development", but if you are not
compiling your own programs, you are not going to need them.

The thing to remember with Linux is that it supports a wide range os
skill levels. If you are mainly interested in using the computer to
get things done, chances are you will need any of these repos. If
you like to tweak things a bit, you may want the source repos so you
can build your own versions of the RPMs. If you are a programmer, or
have a system that you don't mind breaking, you may be interested in
the development and debug repos.


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