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Re: Copying from floppy

Annette T Robart wrote:
> Hi again,
> I’m sorry for another dizzy question, but since this is all very new to
> me, please forgive my ignorance J
> I am trying to copy files from my floppy to my hard drive…..
> How do I accomplish this?  Does this have to be done through a command
> line, and if so, what do I have to type in to have this happen?
> Thanks!
> Annette 
You can use any of the file managers to do it. If I remember right,
the floppy will be /media/floppy but I could be wrong. The laptop I
have Fedora installed on does not have a floppy drive.

You can also use the command line, or programs line Midnight
Commander (mc) to copy things from the command line. Under Linux,
there are almost always more then one way to do the same thing.


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