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Re: wow, 2 kernels

Stephen Mirowski writes:

Sam Varshavchik wrote:

Well, if one of them can boot on a machine that hasn't been able to boot an FC4 kernel since 2.6.13, then, yes, I'll be excited.

Yer doing better than me. I am running 2.6.11 because it has a driver for my Cardbus CompactFlash reader.

Don't play games with me, young man. Another box of mine is still running FC1, and is waiting for the first 2.6 kernel that can actually boot on it. FC4 came very close, and actually detected the SCSI hard drive on its controller, the first time since FC1 that it could do that.

Unfortunately, it didn't last long, and the SCSI module tossed its cookies before Anaconda could make much of a progress.

Funny how there's an article on Slashdot today, on this very subject.

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