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Re: PCTEL modem on FC5?

On Sat, 6 May 2006, Globe Trotter wrote:

So, I am off again on a trip, and wanted to avoid logging into windoze at any
cost...does anyone know if PCTEL modem can be made to work on FC5? What is

I noticed that livna has a  slmodem-alsa RPM. Is anything else required?

That's all I use, and I've been able to detect and interact with the modem (haven't needed to actually connect to anything yet). Install the RPM, thn "chkconfig slmodemd on" and "service slmodemd start". Then you should be able to define a mdem interface in system-config-network using device /dev/ttySL0. You can test interactively with minicom.

Many thanks and best wishes,

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