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Re: FC5 and Intel 3945ABG wireless problem = screen blank after boot

Further to this:

On 5/7/06, Simon <greminn gmail com> wrote:
hi there,

i had FC5 installed on my toshiba tecra a6 with all updates applied
and working. The last thing was to get the wireless adapter working.
Its a Intel 3945ABG which is too new, so i installed the ieee80211
ipw3945 rpms from atrpms, folllowing some instructions that i found on
the net.

On a reboot, the laptop goes thru its boot screen (the graphical FC5
one) then once thats finished i get a blank screen. I thought this
might be just a X problem, but no disk light when you try to login,
and i cant Alt to a console.

I can press the power button and it starts to power down, but not completly...

Any ideas on where to look on this one?

If i start FC5 at init3, i can then login and do a 'startx' and
everything works fine. It just wont get to the login screen on a
normal boot.

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