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Back at frustrating myself with clamav => clamd ??


I can't get clamd to run.  I have been trying on and off for two weeks

freshclam works; clamscan works; and, clamdscan works.

service clamd start  does not work.

[root@ ~]# service clamd start
clamd: unrecognized service

/etc/init.d/clamd (or any variation) does not exist.

/etc/init.d/clam-wrapper exits but doesn't seem to be used.

I have changed and played with the various options and defaults in
clamd.conf so often that I have now changed everything back to default
in order to start again.  I have used the clamav doc and man clamd.conf
as reference; neither are very helpful in giving additional
configuration information but are simply repetitive.

I have: /etc/clamd.conf soft linked to /etc/clamd.d/clamd.conf 

Dumb question.  What does <SERVICE> in clamd.conf mean?  Am I supposed
to substitute something for it myself?  Isn't it defined in

I am using FC5 with ClamAV 0.88.2 on a single user desktop.

Its a beautiful Sunday here; but I can't go out until this is solved.

Regards Bill

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