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Re: FC5 Epiphany being refused by dbus

>>> I think it does, it's just "hidden".  If you play with a menu editor,
>>> you'll find it's listed there but not enabled.

Peter Gordon:
>> Hmm. It's not listed for me in GNOME's menu editor (not even as a
>> disabled item). I've posted a screenshot to show this:
>> http://thecodergeek.com/images/no-mozilla-menu-item.png
>> What's really funny is that it installs, according to `rpm -ql`, a
>> mozilla.desktop file, which at a cursory glance appears correct in terms
>> of syntax and whatnot.

How odd.  In FC4 they do show up in the menu editor, the tickbox enables
and disables it, playing with the value that gets mentioned further
below.  I thought it was obvious, but there must be something upsetting
the menu editor with FC5.

Kenny Gow:
> At a quick glance, I didn't catch it either, but more study of
> /usr/share/applications/mozilla.desktop revealed the line,
> NoDisplay=true

It's been a while since I've looked at Mozilla's desktop file.  Some of
them are quite easy to look through, as they've only got a few lines.
But if you come across one with a hundred languages in it, it's easy to
miss the parameter you need to tweak.

(Currently running FC4, occasionally trying FC5.)

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