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Fedora Project Board meeting summary


Just wanted to let folks know that the summary of the most recent Fedora Project Board meeting is online.


Feel free to contact fedora-advisory-board redhat com with any questions or comments, or to write directly to me if you have private concerns.

As always, the archives of fedora-advisory-board are fully public. In addition, we're working on getting a read-only copy of that list set up, so that people don't have to poll the archives to see what's going on.


Max Spevack
+ http://people.redhat.com/mspevack/
+ gpg key -- http://people.redhat.com/mspevack/mspevack.asc
+ fingerprint -- CD52 5E72 369B B00D 9E9A 773E 2FDB CB46 5A17 CF21

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