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Re: Initial NFS access very slow

On Sun May 7 2006 5:30 pm, Aaron Konstam wrote:

> > I've seen that sort of behavior in the past on a RHEL 4ES box.  Nothing
> > too beefy, but adequate enough--1gig uni-proc 2.4gig machine, IDE all the
> > way, with only a single client connected.
> >
> > The delay from the initial `ls` and the file listing can be as long as
> > ten-seconds.  It seems to only happen (for me) when mounting a
> > subdirectory of an exported file system.  In otherwords, I'll export
> > /a/sample/directory from the server, but I'll be mounting
> > /a/sample/directory/further/below on the client.
> >
> > This is fairly common scenario, of course, when automounting /home
> > directories using autofs.
> >
> > There may be some options one could change in the fstab file to fix this;
> > It happens so infrequently that I haven't bothered to research it any
> > further.
> >
> > DP
> Well two things come to mind. If you rely on automounting the delay
> might be expected on the first access. I think mounting a different
> directory then you are exporting should work but I owuld not be
> surprised at delays in access but I would not think that hte first time
> would be any different the second time.
> Are you automounting the exported directory? We have not tried nfs
> mounts to our clients in FC5 yet but we had no trouble in any of the
> other distributions except on infrequent occasions when the server had
> unexpectedly gone down and then came up. That often required a reboot
> for the nfs to re-connect.
> --
> Aaron Konstam <akonstam sbcglobal net>

The initial delay was after the user had logged in, at which point the 
directory would have all ready been mounted.   I always chalked it up as some 
sort of networking issue.   I never saw this happen on RHEL 3 or any earlier 
versions (RHEL,RH, or Fedora), and as I said it was spurious.  

I'm not incredibly well-informed about the internals of NFS as it normally 
just works for me.

Still interested in the OP's issue and the solution, if only out of curiosity.

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