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Re: A FC6 suggestion.

On Sun, 2006-05-07 at 16:16 -0500, Les Mikesell wrote:
> I've never been able to boot a machine with duplicate root labels.

Again, I'd mention a technique used on the old Amigas:  If duplicate
volume names were discovered, the first one remains as it is (so plug
that drive into your master position as a simple way of predicting what
will happen, or select it as your boot drive from a menu), the
remainders got numbers appended to them.  They were still accessible,
but didn't bugger up booting and using your computer.

It was dead easy to plug in another machines drive to fiddle with files,
without disrupting the normal operation of your machine.  It was also
dead easy to boot from the newly inserted drive instead, and use it too,
if you wanted to fix up your main drive.

(Currently running FC4, occasionally trying FC5.)

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