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Re: firefox

brouwers roland lx wrote:

>> >From what I can tell, this is a javascript issue that can be fixed by
>> the offending site.
>> They need to add "fixMozillaZIndex=true;" in the appropriate places.
>> Please take a look at
>> http://creatif.dk/mainsites/etdenmark1/www/index_uk.asp
>> Where this is implemented correctly.
>> Ed
> You realize, Ed, that I cannot ask this broadcasting company to change
> their site. It works with microsoft explorer. Why does it function with
> the microsoft explorer and not with firefox?

Sure, I realize that....

This is another case of sites coding and testing only with IE.  In this
world you will also find sites that require the use of Active-X
controls.  A prime example of this is my bank's web site here in Taiwan.
  Guess what, they don't work under Linux/Firefox either.

But, yes, you could complain to the broadcasting company!  As a matter
of fact...a few months ago I complained to the folks at the New York
Times on some issue on their web site.  Guess what, others must have
complained since a few weeks later they sent me a nice email to let me
know of the fix and asking if I would test it for them.

I suppose, if I were you, I'd take this to the Mozilla forums.  They may
have some better ideas than I do.


Mulder: (to Scully in hallway) I just don't want you to think
	you have to hide anything from me.

	"The X-Files: Irresistible"

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