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chitranjan wrote:
> hi all :-D ,I am working on a project-"packet filter",i am using
> fedora core 3 as O.S,kindly  someone elaborate me the steps to deal
> with " make menuconfig" command to configure the kernel before
> compiling it. A lot of options r seen on window after this command,how
> 2 know which one is 2 b selected or deselected?

For each item in menuconfig that you're not sure about, look at the
help. Read that help and work it out for yourself, based on what you
know about the machine.

If you get stuck, at the top of each help screen should be something
like CONFIG_MODULES (just before the description). That's the internal
name of the option.

Take a look in /boot: there should be files named config-* . Take the
latest one of these and examine its contents. You should find the option
in there. This will tell you how Fedora configured its kernel.

Learning how to build a kernel and getting it running on Fedora is a bit
of a learning process.

Incidentally, you may find that what you need is already built into the 
appropriate Fedora kernel.

And I don't want to be rude, but I feel you will get better results from
mailing lists if you read Eric Raymond's How To Ask Questions the Smart
Way. It's available at the obvious place -- at the other end of a Google



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