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Re: Setting default paper size in Gnome FC5

On 5/8/06, Marc Schwartz (via MN) <mschwartz mn rr com> wrote:
On Mon, 2006-05-08 at 11:39 +0100, Gavin Simpson wrote:

> Hi Marc,
> Got into work and played a little, and I think I'm getting closer to
> the problem now. Running evince from the command line for example
> yields the following errors when opening the print dialog:
> Model not found, discarding config
> GnomePrintCupsPlugin-Message: The ppd file for the CUPS printer
> HPColourLaserJ could not be loaded.
> GnomePrintCupsPlugin-Message: The ppd file for the CUPS printer
> HPLaserJ could not be loaded.


One quick thought here.

How were the above PPD files installed? From the default CUPS
installation or via the "import PPD file" action menu item that is in

It might be worthwhile considering the possibility that these files are
corrupted and/or perhaps have improper access permissions.

Deleting and re-installing these might help here. It is the PPD
(Postscript Printer Driver) files that provide configuration setting
information to CUPS for Postscript printers.

Just a thought.

> And the dialogue chooses US LETTER. Now, if I close the print dialog
> and then open it again, I don't get a second set of warnings about not
> being able to open the ppd files for my printers, and now,
> micraulously the default paper is A4. So I assume something is going
> wrong in finding the defaults at first, but which works the second
> time round. This happens with and without /etc/cups/lpoptions and
> .lpoptions.
> A similar thing happens with Evolution, except it never gets the paper
> correct on second opening of the print dialog - same messages from
> GnomePrintCupsPlugin though.
> So I guess this is a bug and will complete a bug report for it in FC5 Bugzilla.

If it is not too late, check the above before filing a bug report, just
in case it is a local issue.



Hi Mark,

Thanks for the reply. The ppd files came from CUPS. They were
generated (I assume) when I added the printers uing printconf-gui. I
didn't import them from anywhere else. This is all on a vanilla FC5
install with a few apps added from standard yum repositories and all
relevant updates added via yum.

I've filed a bug report:

Will see if anything comes from it. Thanks for all your help.

All the best,


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