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Re: annoying BASH does not interpret quotation marks right?

Somehow this seems counterintuitive but the suggestion not to escape the quotemarks worked. You would expect that escaping the quotemarks you create the exact command you would manually type yourself for BASH, but apparently it does not work like that...

On 5/7/06, Cameron Simpson <cs zip com au> wrote:
On 07May2006 16:35, Filippos Klironomos <presariod gmail com> wrote:
| On 5/7/06, Dave Mitchell <davem iabyn com <"mailto: davem iabyn com"> > wrote:
|     On Sun, May 07, 2006 at 04:09:41PM -0700, Filippos Klironomos wrote:
|     > Hello list,
|     >
|     > I'm trying to parse a list of videos I have to convert them to a
|     different
|     > format. The video names
|     > have spaces in them so I do something like:
|     >
|     > for file in *.flv ; do ffmpeg -i \"${file}\" \"${file}.avi\" ; done
|     >
|     > but the quotmarks do not work and ffmpeg is not fed the whole video
|     name but
|     > only the
|     > part up to the first space so it fails.
|     Don't escape the quotes. ie you just need
|         for file in *.flv ; do ffmpeg -i "$file" "$file.avi" ; done
| Same problem!
| That's why I added the quotes to begin with but somehow BASH keeps ignoring
| them :-(

Then it sounds to me like ffmpeg is stuffing things up.
The for loop quoted above is perfectly correct, suggesting that ffmpeg
is mangling the string internally somehow.
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