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Re: fc5: install everything?

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> It is just not worth my time.  Next time it will be SUSE instead.
> -Frank

Good luck with that.  I have a SUSE box that has virtually nothing
installed by default.  You think Fedora's installation is sparse?  I was
amazed at the total lack of packages installed in SUSE.  Really, it's a
total joke to work on that server.  It has KDE /and/ GNOME installed (on
a /server/ no less) and yet I had to install the sysstat packages along
with ntpd and about 3 or 4 others just to make the server really
manageable.  The SUSE install is just silly.  The Fedora installer is at
least more /sane/ than most other installers I've seen or used.

But it seems rather childish to switch distros just for that.  Kind of
like taking your ball and going home, eh?

> Eugen Leitl wrote:
>> On Tue, Mar 28, 2006 at 12:27:56PM +1030, Tim wrote:
>>> Discussed to death here over the last few weeks.  But in summary,
>>> "everything" never really installed "everything", and if you actually
>> The point it took to click one checkbox to install a shitload of packages.
>> User attention is a scarce resource.
>> Hard drive space and bandwidth is effectively free. Time is not.
>>> did "install" *everything* you'd have conflicts up to your earholes, not
>> Is "conflicts up to your earlobes" supposed to be a feature?
>> Why can't conflicts be autoresolved? Why are there conflicts in the
>> first place?
>>> to mention masses of updates to manage.
>> If I asked for it, and bandwidth is no issue, I don't see why this
>> is a problem.
>> Please stop rationalizing deficits being features. They're not.

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