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Re: login issues

M wrote:
> Hi
> I'm first time linux user and installed fedora core. Now after
> installation it rebooted and it keeps asking for login and passwords
> where i gave none during the installation. Im totally new to this linux
> environment if someone could please pen down the steps for me to atleast
> get into the fedora OS.
> looking forward anxiously
> regards
If you created a user without a password during installation, then
you just hit "Enter" when it asks for the password. If you did not
create a user account, and only have the root account, you should
create at least one user account. You do not want to be logged in as
root for your normal operation of Linux. There are few things in
Linux that require root access. If you are running one of the GUI's,
then the programs that need root access to do their job will ask you
for the root password when you start them. (Mainly
installing/upgrading software, network configuration, and things of
that nature.)

By logging in as root for normal use, you are not only bypassing
most of the security of Linux, but you are also setting yourself up
to destroy your installation. There are almost no safeguards when
you are running as root. It is real easy to shoot yourself in the foot.

Now, if you want a system that will boot up to the GUI without
asking you for a user name and password, it can be configured that
way. There was an option for that during install, and you can still
set it by running setup as root.


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