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Re: Triple Boot XP, Vista, FC5?

Quite likely you can get this to work without too much fuss. Boot the
FC4 rescue CD, mount your partitions, and chroot them. Then run
grub-install and you should be back where you started. Then once you
have the system back up, you can add the grub statement for the Vista

On 5/8/06, Eric Mader <emader icu-project org> wrote:

My machine used to have Windows XP x64 and FC4 x64, with grub installed.
This worked great to boot either Windows or Fedora. Recently I added a
new hard drive and installed the Windows Vsita Beta. Unfortunately, the
Vista install replaces grub w/ the Vista boot loader, which doesn't know
about Fedora. (I'm sure this is just an oversight ;-) So right now, I
can't boot FC4 :-(

Does anybody know if re-installing grub will let me triple boot XP,
Vista and FC4? Actually, I'd like to install FC5, will that install set
up Grub correctly?

(The hard drive on which I installed Vista is an IDE drive connected to
the on-board Promise RAID contoller, if that makes any difference)

Eric Mader

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