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Re: fc5: install everything?

On Mon, 8 May 2006, Mark Haney wrote:

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It is just not worth my time.  Next time it will be SUSE instead.


Good luck with that.  I have a SUSE box that has virtually nothing
installed by default.  You think Fedora's installation is sparse?  I was
amazed at the total lack of packages installed in SUSE.  Really, it's a
total joke to work on that server.  It has KDE /and/ GNOME installed (on
a /server/ no less) and yet I had to install the sysstat packages along
with ntpd and about 3 or 4 others just to make the server really
manageable.  The SUSE install is just silly.  The Fedora installer is at
least more /sane/ than most other installers I've seen or used.

But it seems rather childish to switch distros just for that.  Kind of
like taking your ball and going home, eh?

I found the FC5 lack of 'install everything' to be a really serious pain on the machine I built a week and a half ago as I had to do it three or four times in a row as I worked through the problems I was having with install media.

It is aggravated by the fact that choosing a group of things doesn't actually mean you get everything in that group, either, and so you have to manually tick through nearly *every* menu to make sure that you have actually have a full install.

And yes - I have SUSE 10 installed on another machine. It wasn't even CLOSE to the pain that FC5 was to install this time. Thumbs down on the lack of an 'install everything' button in FC5. It was a victory of ideological purity over distribution usability to have removed it.

And *YES* - the problem is severe enough to make me consider switching distributions. And I've been using RH since the RH4 days, so that is actually saying something.

Benjamin Franz

I don't care how many levels of reality you posit; as soon as you posit even
one it's turtles all the way down.
                                             ---Nova Spivak

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