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Re: firefox video plugin for windows media player video?

> First of all, you need the WMV codecs and other nonfree codecs they
> might be using:
> http://www.mplayerhq.hu/design7/dload.html
> Download "essential codecs package" from one of the mirrors, and make
> the directory /usr/local/lib/codecs, and extract the package there. Make
> a symlink:


I think he was asking if is there a plugin which is detected by websites as if 
it was WMP. I have all these codecs installed here and can play any Windows 
Media format, but some sites still "think" I don't have Windows Media Player 
installed and refuse to allow me to play Windows Media.
For example, go to:
Click any video to add it to the playlist. Try to play it clicking the play 
button in the playlist. Click the link "ConfiguraĆ§Ć£o", which appears at the 
lower left corner of the player Window. The site tries to detect if you have 
WMP and/or Real Player installed. Here, it detects RP, but not WMP. Is there 
a plugin which makes the site "think" I have WMP installed?
Taking a rid in this question, I can't play videos at this site with Real 
Player neither, but it's detected. Any clue why?



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