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Re: fc5: install everything?

On Mon, 2006-05-08 at 14:44 -0700, Kam Leo wrote:

> Bugzilla has improved, somewhat, from the early RH 5 days. However,
> filing a bug report is not an easy endeavor. Filers have to understand
> the jargon and navigate the imposing UI. Once filed there is no
> guarantee that a developer will examine the report. So, yes, only a
> true believer will file a bug report.

Anyone who wants to actually get their bug reports to reach the
developers would better be a true believer.

> > Mailing lists are completely inefficient to track bugs compared to bug
> > tracking systems. Pretty much every major open source project has
> > bugzilla or some other bug tracking system for the very same reason.
> >
> There is higher visibility with a mailing list.  Create enough noise
> and the squeaky wheel gets fixed.

Fortunately you dont have to waste your time creating noise to help fix
bugs. Just report them in the bug tracking system.

> Unless there is a process in place requiring developers to fix their
> bugs bug tracking systems become nothing more than just window
> dressing.

There is of course no guarantee that you will get a response to every
bug report filed since there is no commercial contract or license in
place in Fedora to ensure that bu developers are going to respond more
often to bug reports than users lists. So in relative terms, thats the
more efficient process. 


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