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Re: fc5: install everything?

Frank Samuelson wrote:
Because you can never beat a dead horse enough...

I'm going to chime in that the loss of the "Install Everything"
button is a big loss for Fedora.
I think the everything means ALL languges and a bunch of stuff I will never use. But I loaded the "Work Station" which in the old days meant you could compile a new kernel and did often. I discovered I had to yum the compiler stuff and it was ok but slow.

So if I do it again I will choose to select my own. I can get all the things I use like the "joe editor" and maybe even get my gMFSK to work on FC5.


  Everyone I know who installs Fedora
or RedHat (which is really only about 4-5 people)
uses the "Install Everything" button, because _no_one_
gives a measly care about a few extra Gb of disk space, and
nobody wants to spend time pecking around menus or hunting down
software.  It is a big waste of time.

No, I don't want to have to load and run another program that
can get me some other interface which I have to figure out
to install everything.  No I don't want to have to click every
package group.  No, I don't care if my auto updater has to download more fixes.
I just want to click the "Install Everything" button and,
no, I don't care if it doesn't really install _everything_.
Almost everything is fine.

And conflicts really aren't the problem.  There are lots of
packages now that aren't getting installed now that could be.
I was surprised by all the "optional" packages that I had to
select one at a time to get installed: old favorites like
emacs(!), xmms, xfig, and great newer programs like k3b (which the
fedora installation web page recommends for burning fedora CDs :).

It is just not worth my time.  Next time it will be SUSE instead.


p.s. Inkscape should be in the distribution.  It's the hot
new thing.  Very nice.

Eugen Leitl wrote:
On Tue, Mar 28, 2006 at 12:27:56PM +1030, Tim wrote:

Discussed to death here over the last few weeks.  But in summary,
"everything" never really installed "everything", and if you actually
The point it took to click one checkbox to install a shitload of packages.
User attention is a scarce resource.

Hard drive space and bandwidth is effectively free. Time is not.

did "install" *everything* you'd have conflicts up to your earholes, not
Is "conflicts up to your earlobes" supposed to be a feature?
Why can't conflicts be autoresolved? Why are there conflicts in the
first place?

to mention masses of updates to manage.
If I asked for it, and bandwidth is no issue, I don't see why this
is a problem.

Please stop rationalizing deficits being features. They're not.

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