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Re: install of fc5 while running fc4?

So you have two partitions and you want to be able to put stuff into the other partition while you're running fc4 right?  the thing is, maybe you'd like to just upgrade... as in yum upgrade..
On 5/8/06, David L <idht4n hotmail com> wrote:
I have partitions reserved for two simultaneous fc releases.  That way, I
can try a new release and revert to the old release if I have a problem with
the new release.  For example, I have fc4 active on my computer and I can
still boot to fc3 on an alternate partition.  I'm about to blow away the fc3
partions and install fc5.  My question is, can I install fc5 to alternate
partitions while I'm running (and actively using fc4)?  Or if there isn't a
safe way to do that, is there an easy way to extract all of the RPMs into
the root partition of what will become the fc5 root partition so I can save
a few hours during the installation?



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