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Re: install of fc5 while running fc4?

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David L wrote:
> I trust new installations more than upgrades (although I have to
> admit that I haven't tried an upgrade in several years, so maybe
> they work better now)?

I've never been fond of upgrades either.  There are so many variables
that I don't expect any software to be able to do them all properly.

> Is it possible to yum upgrade an inactive partition?  If so, how?  I
> actually have two partitions... a boot partition and a root
> partition.  Can I tell yum to upgrade an fc3 boot partition and a
> different fc3 root partition while I'm running fc4?

It may be possible for you to mount your FC3 partitions, say /mnt/fc3
and /mnt/fc3/boot.  Then chroot /mnt/fc3.  From there you'd be in your
FC3 environment and could follow the typical steps to do a yum
upgrade.  I won't try to detail those steps here, but I'm sure you can
find them with a little help from google.

If it were me, I'd just boot into the installer an hour before bedtime
(read: 4AM) and start the install over your old FC3 partitions.  When
you wake up you can reboot and do the final setup for FC5.  That's a
more foolproof way to get a solid FC5 install, IMO.

If you're looking to experiment though, trying the yum upgrade after
chrooting does sound like an interesting experiment.  Please post the
results if you try it. :)

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