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Re: playing cd's on an hp laptop?

Hello Gene,

On Mon, 08 May 2006 23:59:25 -0500 Gene Heskett <gene heskett verizon net> wrote:

> I've tried an audio cd in the drive a couple of times on this i386 FC5 
> install on an amd64 hp laptop, a dv5320us, but while the various 
> software cd players and rippers all go thru the motions of playing the 
> tracks, nothing actually gets to the speakers or headphones.
> Someone mentioned that because these lappy's never come equipt with the 
> audio cable from the drive to the audio circuitry, that I should 
> reconfigure it to use the data from the data bus.
> Its a nice idea, but I've not found such a configuration option in any 
> of the installed stuff, nor in any of the extras I've since loaded, so 
> how does one go about doing this bit of data steering?

There were one or two threads that I could remember about that in that
mailing list. Try to change the play mode from analog to digital audio. This
worked for some people who had the same symptom.



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