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Re: fc5: install everything? - advice on sending suggestions

On Tue May 9 2006 8:05 am, Aaron Konstam wrote:
> If it requires discussion, you
> might post to fedora-devel list

That's an interesting discovery given all that's been tossed in 
the "everything" discussion. In that debate, I did post a few times in the 
development list, but got the "file a bugzilla" rejoinder. 

Under another cap, I'm in politics. There's a rule of thumb there, if you're 
going to survive as an office holder: for every letter you get, that 
represents the sentiments of a hundred others (put your own number there - 
it's always large, though). 

Those who say the issue is not significant because only a few have bothered to 
bugzilla it have a little problem of 'noblesse oblige' - the 'let them eat 
cake' crowd may find the ultimate historical fate of their posturing as 
metaphorically 'interesting' as that of Marie Antoinette's...

Now, anyone want to start a debate about configurability of Fedora 
for 'regular users'? Compare the Mandrake/PCLOS Control Center to Fedora's 
System-Config-Control to see what I mean... (I suggest anyone suffering 
through issues with NDISwrapper and Broadcom in Fedora to take a look at that 

I don't personally believe that the issues that have been raised here haven't 
got back to the team that steers the development of Fedora, however. They are 
a derivative of a successful corporation that has built a successful 
alternative to Redmond, and they haven't done that by ignoring their 
user-base. I'm not going to make threats about switching distros. I run at 
least five different distros currently, and Fedora is still the best for 
multiple reasons. I am participating in various discussions with 
developers/users of some of the Fedora derivatives, though - there are active 
efforts to make Fedora better out there, and I'm convinced that such efforts 
can only rebound to the benefit/improvement of Fedora. Sometimes, you have to 
use a tug-boat to steer a ship... '-)
Claude Jones
Brunswick, MD, USA

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