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Re: rpm for clamav

sasa wrote:
"Paul Howarth" wrote:

Having done this, try:
# yum update clamav\*

No Packages marked for Update/Obsoletion

This is *after* configuring yum to use Fedora Extras?

Exactly which clamav packages do you have?
$ rpm -qi $(rpm -qa clamav\*)

..ok but I don't want to uninstall the current version and to install the new version, I want to build the rpm files but I have this problem:

error: Failed build dependencies:
       libunrar3 is needed by clamav-0.88.2-1.i386
       libun7zip is needed by clamav-0.88.2-1.i386

..which are the rpm files that they contain 'libunrar3' and 'libun7zip' ??

These packages are not dependencies of the FE3 clamav package - you have got the SRPM from somewhere else.

I suggest that you stop trying to build your own package for now, since you will need to maintain it for security updates etc. yourself, and concentrate on getting yum/Extras/clamav working together, which will be a better solution in the longer term (provided the EOL policy for Extras is sorted out sensibly).


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