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Re: Yum update on FC5 install new kernel but don't update grub.conf

On Tue, 9 May 2006, Paul Howarth wrote:

Gene Heskett wrote:
High jacking a thread here... Thats one of the reasons I don't like yum putzing with my grub.conf.

At home, I've been building the latest Linus or Greg KH kernels from scratch, and I've found that there does not seem to be a maximum number of entries in my grub.conf, so I only clean house when the /boot partition is pretty well filled up, meaning there are probably 20+ entries in my grub.conf at any one time.

To me, editing grub.conf is a no-brainer, and it stays a heck of a lot neater appearing than when yum does it.

However, I expect that for many newbies, editing a grub config file would be an operation accompanied by great trepidation, lest it result in an unbootable system.

So my question then is: Can yum be told to dl and install the new kernels but leave grub.conf alone, and not remove the older kernel?

It's not yum that does this, it's the kernel package post-install script. It would not be a good idea to turn off all scripts in yum as that would break *lots* of things.

You can prevent removals of old kernels by disabling the installonlyn yum plugin.

It's true you don't want to stop the scripts from running and updating grub.conf, but if you want not to reset the default to the new kernel, change the value of UPDATEDEFAULT in /etc/sysconfig/kernel.


		Matthew Saltzman

Clemson University Math Sciences
mjs AT clemson DOT edu

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