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Re: Powervault 220 on FC3

On Tue, May 09, 2006 at 10:09:22AM -0400, Chris Strzelczyk wrote:
> Hello,
> I am running FC3 (2.6.11-1.27_FC3smp) on a Dell 2650 Raid 5  
> configuration reiserfs.  Everything works smoothly on the box.  I  
> have a need to install a Dell powervault 220 to the box via SCSI.   
> The problem is when I plug in the SCSI cable to the card the system  
> will no longer boot. I believe it tries to boot off of the powervault  
> however, I am unsure on how to verifiy this.  The system has no logs  
> that I can check as it does not even get to boot.  The error message  
> states that it can not mount any of the filesystems and that it can  
> not find init.  I have checked the SCSI utility and that tells me  
> that my internal hard drives are selected to boot.  I do not  
> understand why the powervault is taking over my system.  The  
> powevault is plugged in on the B channel and my internal hard drives  
> are plugged in on A.  Thank you for any help.

Are you using the aic7xxx driver for SCSI, or aacraid for SCSI RAID?

Change the order in which modules are loaded in your initial ramdisk
to make sure the boot disk's drivers are loaded first.  Then make sure
you're using file system labels in /etc/fstab and /etc/grub.conf to
have it find LABEL=/.  Only after that's working should you try
plugging in another SCSI controller.


Matt Domsch
Software Architect
Dell Linux Solutions linux.dell.com & www.dell.com/linux
Linux on Dell mailing lists @ http://lists.us.dell.com

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