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architecture problems installing FC5 on crusoe-based laptop

i'm trying to install FC5 onto my fujitsu lifebook P1120, which is transmeta crusoe-based. when i try to start the install, it formats the FSes, then errors out with "package for incorrect arch". on one of the virtual consoles, i get "package glibc-2.4.4 is intended for a i686 architecture", and similar messages about openssl and the kernel. however, this machine is an i686.

i've found one more example of this problem, also with a fujitsu crusoe- based system, at http://www.linuxeden.com/forum/t142471.html - but it's in a language i *really* don't speak.

note: because it's only got a floppy drive (no CDROM nor USB flash drive booting), i'm using the LOADLIN-based fedora floppy install from http://www.thisiscool.com/fcfloppy.htm, but all this does is unpack the boot iso to ramdisk from several floppies, and boot into it; i don't believe it's the problem. i've had perfectly happy installs of FC3 and FC4 from this sysytem, on that laptop.

can anyone shed any light on the problem, or how i might get around this?


  Tom Yates
  Cambridge, UK.

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