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Another Network Manager Stupidity: Swapping eth0 and eth1

I have just found what may be another Network Manager (NM)
stupidity. I have two NICs on my laptop
(http://www.charlescurley.com/Lenovo.R51.html) running Fedora Core
5. One is a wired Ethernet interface, the other a wireless Ethernet
interface. In system-config-network, I have anchored eth0 and eth1 to
specific MAC addresses.

I recently switched from using the usual configuration tools to NM. I
just found out is that NM seems to be ignoring that MAC address
anchoring. It has swapped eth0 and eth1. As a result of this the
firewall defined by firestarter does not work, and as a result of that
my system is wide open and has been for several days.

This came to my attention because I started to think I may have a root
kit on my laptop, and started to track things down. "Pain-Free
Networking", huh?


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