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Re: playing cd's on an hp laptop?

David G. Miller wrote:
Gene Heskett <gene heskett verizon net> wrote:

The no-speaker led is on, and I have NDI how to shut that off.

Shot in the dark... When I first got my laptop I used the hardware button to turn off the built-in wireless since I didn't need it because I had wired access to all of the networks I needed to access. I then installed Linux completely wiping the Windoze installation. I soon came up with a reason to try to get wireless working and NOTHING I could do from Linux would turn the wireless card "on" nor was the hardware button functional under Linux.

Thats a bios selection on this one, and its turned off ATM, but the sound was known not to work when the 802-11g was running just fine. Also, I found the button/switch in kmix that turns the muted led on & off. Thats the ext amp switch. I've walked down the alsamixer buttons, exercising them all with no effect.
I was running FC4 RC3 so when FC4 came out I wiped the disk again, installed Windoze in a 10GB partition and then FC4 on the rest of the drive. Sure enough, Windoze control panel showed the wireless card as off and had a control to turn it on. It now works just fine and I have to boot to Windoze whenever there is a BIOS update anyway since that is the only way HP supports updates.

Any chance you could be running into something like this? Also, just to make sure and since you also mentioned a skype headset, my speakers only work when I don't have a external speaker or headphones plugged into the speaker jack.

Nothing is plugged in ATM. And grip is silently ripping the Van Lear Rose so we'll see if xmms or something can play the oggs when its done. One of them, noatun, can play the oggs ok, the rest either fail or cut it into 1/4 second pieces with up to a seconds silence between the short blasts. And while the xmms installer didn't put it in the k-menu, I made a starter link and xmms plays them nicely, although it sounds like something ran seriously out of headroom in the rip process. Its clipped pretty obviously even at whisper levels in the louder passages when Jack's drummer & axe picker gets carried away.

Is there some way I can tell grip to re-rip at about 20 db lower level?



Cheers, Gene

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