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Re: fc5: install everything?

Rickey Moore wrote:
On Tue, 2006-05-09 at 07:22 -0400, Jim Cornette wrote:

Any other suggestions for getting the developer's attention that won't result in it just getting CLOSED as NOTABUG?

It is un-useful to say 'use bugzilla' when the only response there is to CLOSE it as NOTABUG.

It is practically useless to use Bugzilla for proposals like "Everything Installs without a "Reporter satisfied" type of feature where bugs can only be closed when the reporter is satisfied with the problem reported.

Bugzilla does not have a customer satisfied feature. Therefore it is useless for this sort of request.


Amen Jim!! Amen!! No one fixed the udev problem to my satisfaction and I
would like to see that the bug couldn't not be closed until my udev
fired up on boot. Otherwise, why bother? At the Friday 1pm Rah Rah
session, where the week's activities are commented on, someone can say
"I closed 20 bugs!" without fear of confrontation from the boss, since
he never comes into this "high traffic cluttered list" to see who is
zooming who. At least Mr Harald has not closed the udev bugzilla report,
so that's a good guy! :) Ric

Having the reporter assured that the concern is addressed adequately would make filing a bug report more worthwhile. Just as Bruno mentioned for upgrading with raid where at least the updating is done singularly and the raid updated after the installation is completed. Sure it is possible that a disk might fail when one was upgrading the system but the time spent in this mode is relatively short. If the upgrade failed with the singular disk being updated, you would still have the redundant drive to start over. I have not used raid so I am probably misunderstanding some of the aspects for upgrading a system with raid.

To track with the subject line. I am satisfied with the right clicking on each group in order to select all the additional packages within the groups. It also makes it easier to go back within the groups and remove selection of programs that I know I do not want on the system. There are a lot fewer packages that I do not want compared to what I would not exclude from the system.


"To take a significant step forward, you must make a series of finite
-- Donald J. Atwood, General Motors

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