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Re: wpc11 wireless with FC 5 doesn't work --

Welcome to the club.  I've had the same problem with the same wifi
card since upgrading to FC5. So far no one has had any suggestions. One thing that I've noticed is that two different modules are claiming
ownership of this card (orinoco_cs and hostap_cs).  In the past only
orinoco_cs owned this card.  I've tried blacklisting modules, and that
didn't help.

One odd thing that does help is leaving the card ejected when booting
up, and if I insert it after the OS has fully booted, then it works

On 5/9/06, Mike Zingale <zingale gmail com> wrote:
I have a Linksys WPC11 v. 3 wireless card which has worked fine out of
the box with RH9, FC1-FC4.  I just upgraded to Fedora Core 5, and it
no longer works.

In /var/log/messages, I get:

wifi0: unknown hardware address type 801

ifconfig shows the wifi0 interface with a HWaddr which is my MAC
address with a bunch of 00-00-00-00-00 appended to the end of it.

iwconfig shows both a wifi0 and a wlan0 interface.  I am not sure what
the wlan0 interface is.  wifi0 is the one that I can control through

Any ideas on how to get this working again?  This hardware has worked
for years in Linux, so it seems to be a recent Fedora thing.

L. Friedman                                    netllama gmail com
LlamaLand                       http://netllama.linux-sxs.org

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