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Re: playing cd's on an hp laptop?

Gene Heskett <gene heskett verizon net> wrote:

Is there some way I can tell grip to re-rip at about 20 db lower level?

Sorry, no. Just starting to learn my way around converting analog sounds to digital. I have a rather large collection of audiophile quality vinyl records that I'd love to be able to transfer to CD and listen to again. I got my turntable hooked back up to a receiver that feeds my soundcard and was able to create a WAV file with audacity and then got it on a cdr with cdrecord. That's the first time the turntable has spun since we moved to Colorado in 1994 (it still had some move tape holding the tone arm in place). You might look at audacity for "re-mixing" the stuff you're playing with. It let me scale the volume of what I wanted to record kind of like the old tape input volume settings let you set the volume while recording to tape.

The CD sounds good when played back on the computer and it's recognized as an "audio CD" but I'll have to see how it does in some of the other devices. I already know it won't work in my CD changer. It doesn't like burnt CDs but I think we bought it in 1989.


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