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Re: I had high hopes for FC5, damn...

On 5/10/06, Reg Clemens <reg dwf com> wrote:
> clemens dwf com wrote:
> > I had hight hopes for FC5, HELL, I was even going to install it
> > on my LAB machines without first testing it at home.
> >
> > But some visionary has turned it into crap.
> >
> > When doing an install, if the installer cant find a package you
> > used to get a message asking if you wanted it to try again.
> > Whenever I got this message, either rereading , or
> > popping the CD out, and cleaning it did the trick, next try
> > the installer was able to read the package and the install
> > continued, with a bit of a delay.
> >
> > Now some clown has 'fixed' this so that the only option you get
> > is to REBOOT.  I dont need a button to reboot, I can manage that
> > quite easily with <CTL><ALT><DEL> or a power cycle.
> >
> > My guess is, that I have some machines where I will NEVER be
> > able to install FC5 due to this improvment.  And Im not going
> > to try multiple times on the others, just to get a clean install.
> >
> > Sigh.
> >
> > On a slightly more positive note, is there any way around this
> > improvement? Does TEXT mode do the same thing?
> >
> Ways around this improvement:
> Burn the disk slower.
> Use different (better) media.
> Use a different CD or DVD burner to burn the disk.
> Use a different CD or DVD reader to perform the install.
> Use a hard disk install
> Use a FTP install
> Use a HTTP install
> Use a NFS install.
> Try the nodma kernel parameter when installing.
> (Hey - you asked right?)
> I've personally installed using an external hard drive before. So I can
> verify that works. I haven't tried the others but they're still
> available options on the boot CD so I have to assume they're still valid.

Yes, well Id decided that the next try would be HardDisk (to the first machine)
and then FTP to the rest, I was just wanted to put my complaint down on the
list, and see if others were having the same problem.  Just seems like a
silly change.

Unfortunately, I suspect that most capable of offering up a valid
suggestion are using alternative less error prone methods of
installations. I have used both NFS and DVD rom methods of installtion
quite successfully.

Good luck.

To be updated...

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