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Re: fc5: install everything? - advice on sending suggestions

At 21:42 09/05/2006, you wrote:
Well I have a perfect record. I have filed about 5 or 6 bugzillas and I
have yet to have a solution to the problem as a response. I rarely get a

I've submitted two bugs myself, neither of which has been completed.

Bug 178847, a RFE, is now in the wiki, looking like a useful document for absolute beginners. Unfortunately it needs to be in the download folder, not the wiki, to be truly useful. This was supposed to have happened for the FC5 final release but of course it didn't.

Example: I filed a bugzilla against kyum. It has an obvious bug. I even
indicated the specific nature of the bug which would make it obvious to
the developer of kyum how it be solved. I my opinion a soluiton of the
problem should be straightforward to program.

I have heard no response to the bugzilla. No promise to fix to bug or a
statement why it will not be fixed. I got zip, nothing, de nada.

Bug 186766 - this is obviously something wrong but it appears to be getting ignored, probably because I made the mistake of finding a workaround. Last thing that Red Hat did was shift it to the kernel. That was on 19th April and absolutely nothing has happened since.

Now I know the person who the bug was assigned to is probably busy. FC6
is on the way. I would accept a statement that the bug would be fixed in
FC6. But I don't hear even that.

IMHO the existing bugs in FC5 should be fixed before working on FC6.

Am I mad or discouraged . Not really. But I think those people who
recommend bugzills must have better experiences than I have had.

I'm sure a user could easily become discouraged. As I understand it, we the Fedora users are effectively providing a service by testing the OS and reporting the bugs. But we don't seem to be getting our rewards through bug fixes.

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