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Re: fc5: install everything?

Edward Dekkers wrote:

To track with the subject line. I am satisfied with the right clicking on each group in order to select all the additional packages within the groups. It also makes it easier to go back within the groups and remove selection of programs that I know I do not want on the system. There are a lot fewer packages that I do not want compared to what I would not exclude from the system.


Hey Jim,
Although you make valid points, please be aware that other people have different needs than you do. I've seen a lot of posts (including this one) with a lot of I's. "I am satisfied" "I know I do not want" "I do not want" "I would not exclude".

Usually empathy gets me into trouble and I can only speak for my personal desires. I like to have all packages available for install and desire the most efficient way to select the packages that I use.

Fedora isn't made for simply one person. It is made for a community of people. We must ALL remember that please.

It is of course made for the community and their suggestions should be considered. If it was specifically tailored for my desires, all multimedia formats would work out of the box, the themes would not all be so smurfish blue, mozilla/seamonkey suite would be the default, midnight commander would be installed by default and the level of eye candy would be higher. Since it a community project, configuration for each one's individual needs without a lot of hassles should be priority. Not everyone uses the same applications.

Personally, I just installed FC5 for the first time here at the office, and, in my case (I didn't know about the right clicking because I'm lazy and probably missed reading that somewhere), it was hellishly annoying to convert the default setup into an "Everything" one.

There should be a more obvious method to select all that is contained on the install medium. I did not know about this option until I filed a bug report regarding the everything install. Knowing about this option now makes using pirut or the installer more efficient to use.

Apart from the Languages packs, we ALWAYS install everything here, as most of our PCs go out to clients. We can not know beforehand what they need, so we install everything, then disable unneeded services.

Besides langpacks, not ready for release apps and apps that are so stripped down that they interfere with feature rich and functional applications, I install everything also for my systems.

That is my case. Most people do not want this, and that is fine.

What I agree with the other posters is that what is NOT fine is the fact that the everything option has been removed without a suitable replacement. A "Select All" tick box or the like would have sufficed me, but apart from the right click method, we don't have that option any more.

I think that is what of posters on this subject mean, and frankly, for us here at my work, I'd have to agree.

I have no objections to including an easy and up front method to install all that is available on the install medium.



/* Allow the packet buffer size to be overridden by know-it-alls. */

	- comment from drivers/net/ne.c

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