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Re: sendmail problem

Ron Watson wrote:

and by combining that with what you mentioned here about no_masquerade_local being enabled, perhaps he simply needs to get out of localhost and then all the masquerade stuff will start to take effect. It's been my experience that many of the older, legacy Unix programs are aware that is not a "normal" address, and modify their behavior accordingly.

Well in a sense was never and will never be a "normal address"
But being the loopack address facilitates many things .
It's the only network interface that all computers have .
The DAEMON_OPTIONS i listed before need to refer to a standard point per
default , that's why there was no reference to LAN Addresses ( eg ,,...) . Also if someone deletes the localhost.localdomain localhost

line from /etc/hosts then many things will stop working with X Windows being one
of them .

Just trying to get to the actual problem, rather than just fix symptoms. I was thinking
that maybe setting his hostname correctly may be all he needs. Like I said, I haven't changed the sendmail config on my system, but at least it knows who it is...

I second your opinion on that . I have changed my hostname and i have sent mail even with PINE through the use of MASQUERADING . Although there stands a chance there is also another way to do it , i still believe that what you just proposed is the best thing to do .

Kind Regards.

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