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Re: FC5 cd read problem - nicer method !

Edward Dekkers wrote:
clemens dwf com wrote:
I had hight hopes for FC5, HELL, I was even going to install it
on my LAB machines without first testing it at home.

But some visionary has turned it into crap.

When doing an install, if the installer cant find a package you
used to get a message asking if you wanted it to try again. Whenever I got this message, either rereading , or popping the CD out, and cleaning it did the trick, next try the installer was able to read the package and the install continued, with a bit of a delay.

Now some clown has 'fixed' this so that the only option you get
is to REBOOT.  I dont need a button to reboot, I can manage that
quite easily with <CTL><ALT><DEL> or a power cycle.
Did you by chance check VT 3 or 4 for which file it was having trouble with ?

If you try and copy that file on this or another machine, does it actually copy OK ? Is the copy legit and usable ?

Is it CD-RW ?

When I had this happen, it definitely wasn't readable direct from the CD, even after cleaning drive lens, cd itself, and for a giggle ten minutes in the freezer, or on a different PC.

My guess is, that I have some machines where I will NEVER be
able to install FC5 due to this improvment.  And Im not going
to try multiple times on the others, just to get a clean install.
As the guys have mentioned there is a lot of other ways.

If you want to do more than one PC, think seriously about setting up pxe image (from the cd 1), tftp-server, dhcp-server, ftp/http server (on another linux machine). For any PC that can boot direct from network, this is the easiest way; for non-net-booters either cd 1, rescue cd or just the boot.iso (i think) is enough to get it started.

Additionally you can use/modify the anaconda.ks file that is generated on your first install machine, store it on the server, and use that to build a lab full of identical machines.

linux ks=ftp://machine/folder/lab_machine.ks etc.


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